tiny bottles, tiny galaxies


Those of you out there who know me know that I love making our Starcloud galaxy bottle pendants. Aside from how beautiful they look when they’re done (seriously, look at those pictures) there’s just something very soothing about putting one together. Or maybe I just really like playing with glycerin! Anyway, if you’re like me (i.e., totally in love with these things) you should go and check out Rook and Robin so you can scope out the gaggle of bottles I’ve got listed right now!

Today, I’m going to be outlining two novels, or at least trying to. Earlier this month, I submitted one of my novels, Ash, to an open submissions call at a major publisher, which I’m happy about on multiple levels. The opportunity to submit at all without an agent is pretty amazing, but I also really enjoyed going back over Ash and figuring out what was working and what wasn’t, tweaking things here and there, and just all around trying to make it the best manuscript it could be. I feel, overall, that whether or not Ash gets picked up this time, the work I had to do to get it up to speed is more than worth it.

Anyway, one of the books I’ll be outlining is a potential sequel to Ash, which I’m thinking will concern the Viper and his background. I’m still tossing ideas at that one. The other is the first book in my Night Patrol series, which is essentially about superheroes and their problems. Should be exciting.

Is that enough content for a first post? I hope so, I’m starving. Next up here on Space Cat: The Musical — a guide to my research process!


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